When you enroll in DeltaCare, you select a participating dental office from the network directory to take care of dental needs for you and your family. After you have enrolled, you will receive a Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form that fully describes the benefits of your dental program, and a DeltaCare membership card.

This card will have the address and telephone number of your participating network dentist. To receive all necessary dental care covered by the program, simply call you selected dental office to make an appointment. Remember to always contact your network dentist. Dental services which are not performed by this dentist or are not authorized in advance by PMI will not be covered under the DeltaCare program.

The above procedures are performed as needed and deemed necessary by your attending network dentist subject to the limitations, exclusions and governing administrative policies of the program.

This brochure constitutes only a summary of the plan and is not a full list of the Limitations and Exclusions. The plan contract must be consulted to determine the exact terms and conditions of coverage. A plan contract will be sent to you upon enrollment. A full refund of premium is available if you wish to cancel the plan within 15 days of receiving the plan contract.