Quality, affordable care for your family

Choosing a healthcare plan for your family is a big decision. We do our best to make it an easy one. With Kaiser you can have one doctor for your whole family or a different one for each. The choice is yours. Your kids can have the same physician as they grow from a baby, to a toddler, to a teenager. If for any reason you wish to change your doctor, you can do so freely. No questions asked.

As parents, we know how busy your schedule can be, which is why we developed our mobile app. Access yours and your children’s medical records, schedule appointments, request prescriptions all on the go.

Most importantly, our healthcare is available 24/7. If you or your child need care immediately, we are always available.

Doctors Who Care

Speak to a physician when and where you want. Call or email your own doctor at the office, on vacation, or at your child’s gymnastics class.

Facilities that Matter

Kaiser facilities are a one stop shop for all your needs. Meet with your physician, get the shots you need, and get an x-ray at same day at the same facility.

Your health is your choice.

With KP.org, you can manage appointments, speak with your doctor, or see your lab results online.

Email your doctor's office

Refill most prescriptions

Schedule, cancel, or view routine appointments

See most of your lab test results

Act for a family member

Life can be busy sometimes.

Let us make things easier for you.

We’re here to help with whatever your needs may be.