Kaiser Permanente®

Kaiser Permanente® is America’s largest non profit health maintenance organization, serving 8.1 million members in 9 states and the District of Columbia. An integrated health delivery system, Kaiser Permanente organizes and provides or coordinates members’ care, including preventive care such as well-baby and prenatal care, immunizations, and screening diagnostics; hospital and medical services; and pharmacy services.

As a nonprofit organization, Kaiser Permanente® is driven by the needs of its members and a social obligation to provide benefit for the communities in which they operate, rather than the needs of shareholders. Social benefit activities include assistance to the uninsured and special populations; training new health professionals; introducing new delivery and financing methods into the health care arena at large; and through clinical research efforts, developing and sharing better ways to care for patients.

Our agency offers Kaiser Permanente Small Business Group Health Insurance and Kaiser Permanente Personal Advantage® plans for individuals. Our Quick Quote system will provide you with an immediate assessment of the cost of your group health needs. We are available at all times to answer any questions that might arise. Please contact us, as your Authorized Kaiser Permanente Agent directly by email or phone at (888) 492-7245.

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