Delta PPO Benefits


As an option on a group Health Plan, eligible firms must have two or more full-time unrelated employees. (Husband and wife employees count as one. Please provide proof of any carriers group health coverage at enrollment.) This plan is offered on a stand alone basis to groups of five or more unrelated employees.

Benefit Selections

Benefits are selected by the group and not the employee. For Example: Orthodontia benefits are available to all employees of the group and cannot be individually selected.


Minimum employer contribution is 50% of the employee premium. Minimum participation is 75% of the eligible employees, 100% if the employer contribution is 100% of the employee premium.


All employees of the employer who are performing active work on a full time basis (20 hours a week or over) are eligible for benefits including corporate officers, owners, or partners.


All eligible dependents must enroll on the original effective date. Dependents will not be added for a later effective date unless newly eligible. Eligible dependents include legal spouse or domestic partner and unmarried children to age 19 or 25 if enrolled in an accredited school, college or university. You are responsible to report any changes to a dependents eligibility to Wolfpack Insurance Services, Inc.

Effective Date

When a firm joins the Plan, the coverage of its current employees will be effective on the first day of the month following approval of the firms application to participate. Additions to your plan will be effective the first of the month after the elected probationary period from their date of hire. You make the probationary period election on the EZ Enrollment form.

How to Enroll

To participate in the plan:

  1. Complete the enrollment application request form.
    Complete the enrollment application request form. Upon approval of the application, the agent and client will each receive a letter confirming coverage, giving the account identification and supplying the client with forms for new additions. Shortly thereafter the following material will be sent to the Agent for delivery to the Employer:
  2. Wallet for each individual
  3. Certificate of Coverage for each individual
    Billings will be sent directly to the employer. Each months remittance is due on the 25th day of the prior month and will become delinquent if not received by the 1st of the coverage month. Make checks payable to Wolfpack Insurance Services Inc.

Can the waiting period be waived?

All groups with 20 or more employees enrolling in any Wolfpack Insurance Services Delta Dental plan will automatically have the waiting period for Major and Orthodontic services waived.

For groups of 5 employees or more, the 12 month waiting period for Major Dental Services will be waived on all employees who had continuous dental coverage during the preceding 12 months. The 12 month Orthodontic waiting period will also be waived if the group had continuous orthodontic coverage during the preceding 12 months.